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Simon the cat! Con­struct­ed by the Chiodo Bro­thers for Rubin and Ed. No kit­ties were harmed making this. This is the "one and only" for just $10,000.00!

Rubin’s Shoe from the movie!Rubin’s Shoe from the movie! It was orig­i­nal­ly bronzed but gold leaf was added later. $10,000.00!
Don't Panic! Here's affordable stuff!

Tame that squeaky mouse with a My Cat Can Eat a Whole Water Melon “official” mouse pad! 20 bucks signed and delivered.

My Can Eat a Whole Water­melon “official” T-shirts. 100% cotton and cool. The color purple! $25.00 includes S/H. Include your size with the order.
Plan 10 Animation Cell

Plan 10 From Outer Space “of­fi­cial” ani­ma­tion cell. This is the fly­ing sau­cer that de­stroy­ed Salt Lake City. $20.00

A Rubin and Ed script signed by the di­rec­tor! It con­tains de­let­ed scenes plus a photo from the pre­miere is in­clud­ed! $50.00
Rubin & Ed Clapboard

The actual clapper used in the pro­duc­tion of Rubin and Ed. The last shoot­ing day was 11/16/90. There's only one of these so Trent will let it go for $2,500.00 in­clud­ing ship­ping, of course!

Art on postcards by Trent Harris, signed and delivered for $20.00. These are examples of pieces already sold. Just order and Trent will whip up a new one and send it right out. Could be worth millions someday.

More cool stuff will added from time to time, so check back often,

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